Job Summary:

We are seeking a highly motivated and results-driven individual to join our team as the Vice President of Sales. This role is a hunter, individual contributor, and coach/mentor all in one. As a remote position with a travel element, you will be responsible for leading a team of 3-5 direct reports, including a Business Development Manager, Director of Sales, and Sales Development representative.

Key Skills:

✓ 5+ years of Healthcare Staffing Experience: You should have a solid background in healthcare staffing, and a deep understanding of the industry.

✓ Experience in Post Acute, Long-Term Care, Behavioral, and Ambulatory Care: You must have a proven track record of acquiring clients in these sectors.

✓ Leadership Experience: You should be capable of handling your own book of business, from C-Suite to small business clients.

✓ Preferred Experience in Business Development and Salesforce: Experience in these areas will be highly beneficial.

✓ Preferred Tech Mindset: You should be tech-savvy and able to integrate technology to empower our customers.

✓ Quota Attainment: The ideal candidate will have a track record of meeting quota attainment, with an annual target ranging from $3–5 million in post-acute business.

Soft Skills:
➢ Team Player: We're looking for someone with no ego, a humble team player who values results and achievements by the team, winning as a collective.
➢ Open-Minded and Moldable: You should be open to feedback, continuously growing, and willing to learn new things.
➢ Professional Presentation: You must present yourself professionally, as you will be representing our company to clients and partners.

Non-Compete: The candidate must agree to a non-compete agreement to protect our business interests.

Reason for the Opening:
This position is a replacement. The previous employee resigned because they weren't ready to adapt to the changes when SnapNurse recalibrated its strategy.